SunTrac Solar by Air Conduit

Are you tired of paying astronomical utility bills? Are you concerned about your ecological footprint? The Sun provides clean renewable energy and it can be used to displace the energy needed to heat and cool our homes and businesses. By installing a SunTrac Solar Air and Heat System, you can reduce your heating and cooling energy costs by up to 40%.

SunTrac Solar has developed groundbreaking technology that has changed the way solar thermal energy is harvested and implemented. The patented computer controlled parabolic concentrator produces more energy than any other panel of the same size.

Only SunTrac can regulate the amount of heat being added to a working fluid or gas. When other solar thermal systems are not in use they can cause extreme heat buildup causing severe damage to the refrigerant which may cause the compressor to fail.

The SunTrac Solar SmartPanel™ has solved this problem by controlling the heat that the solar thermal panels generate. The patented panel design utilizes RiteTemp™ technology which modulates the temperature of the liquid or gas as it exits the panel.

Whether you are a business looking for an alternative way to cut down on expenses, or a homeowner concerned about using renewable resources, SunTrac Solar Systems can provide you with the energy reducing solutions you have been waiting for.

SunTrac by Air Conduit system can pay for itself within a few years!

The combination of Federal and Louisiana TAX CREDITS, plus utility savings, could make your new SunTrac by Air Conduit pay for itself in less than five years.* In fact, this great system can cost less than many single stage, base efficiency systems! Plus, to insure you have as little as possible out of pocket expense we’re offering for SunTrac by Air Conduit customers 18 months no interest or payments financing. That means you should receive your tax credit before you have to make a payment or be charged interest! Call 436.7551 today for more information or to set up a free estimate. Or visit us at